Melt Away Stress & Feel Refreshed With Body Treatments

Does your skin need some long-awaited pampering? Do you long for some well-deserved relief from the stress of daily life? Then try our holistic body treatments at the Drift Spa. From soothing massage to gentle skin renewal, our trained therapists will help you feel and look your best.

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Signature Sweetgrass Body Treatment

90 min/$135

Walk away with nourished skin and a revitalized spirit when you book our signature treatment. We’ll exfoliate your skin with a dry brush to reveal fresh, healthy skin. Then we’ll gently apply a sweetgrass scented scrub and provide a hydrating massage that will infuse you with positive energy.

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Hydrating Body Scrub

60 min/$100

Experience complete skin hydration and renewal with our body scrub. After a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, your skin will be hydrated and softened with a body oil application.

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Mineral Balancing Body Treatment

60 min/$100

For total body replenishment, try our mineral balancing treatment. Magnesium is used to help detoxify your skin layers and warm mineral compresses support energy balance and rejuvenation.

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Moor Mud Wrap

60 min/$115

Reenergize tired muscles and refresh your skin with this European therapy. Moor Mud is harvested near one of two spa lakes in the world and is a natural antibiotic and astringent. Your body and face will be cleansed and purified as this thermal mud remineralizes and softens your skin.

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Body Treatment Enhancements

You can add any of these enhancements to your treatment service to promote increased comfort and relaxation:

CBD – $10
Aromatherapy Essential Oil – $10
Extended Scalp Massage – $20
Yoga Balm – $5

Book a Relaxing Body Treatment

Drift Spa Menu

If it is your first time at Drift Spa, please take a moment to read our Policies & F.A.Qs. to know what to expect and what is expected of you.

All Float Therapy guests will be asked to complete the Float Therapy Liability Waiver prior to services upon arrival.

Make the Most of Your Body Treatment Experience

Customize Your Treatment

By filling out a Client Profile form, you’ll inform us of any treatment sensitivities or medical conditions so we can customize your treatment. 

Arrive Early & Unwind 

Arrive at least 15 minutes before your service. After checking in, you can relax in our waiting room or take advantage of our saltwater pool, spa jacuzzi, steam room, sauna or tranquility room. If you have a treatment of $65 or more, you’re also free to use these services after your body treatment. 

Prepare for Your Treatment.

You’ll be treated to a complimentary robe and towel, as well as slippers, disposable underwear, lockers and more for ultimate comfort during your treatment. We suggest removing jewelry, makeup, hearing aids and eyeglasses before your treatment.

Time to Relax & Reset

Whether you’re rejuvenating your skin or relaxing your muscles, our trained therapists will take care of you. You can communicate with your therapist about any adjustments to lighting, techniques, temperature and more to ensure your enjoyment. 

Experience the Many Benefits of Drift Spa’s Body Treatments

At Drift Spa, we help you look and feel your best with soothing body treatments. The many benefits of a body treatment include:

  • Smooth, soft and hydrated skin
  • Relaxation of mind, body and spirit
  • Relief from tension, stress and anxiety
  • Energy restoration

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