Float Therapy offers an opportunity to reconnect your mind, body and spirit. A thousand pounds of Epsom salt forms an environment free from gravity and allows you to fully relax in skin temperature water. Keep the door open, turn off the lights and music or close the door to escape the outside world – whatever path you choose, the experience is completely unique to you. 

Why Float Therapy?

Click to see the research for yourself from scientific journals and medical professionals. 

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Float Therapy

60 min/$75 • 90 min/$95

Providing numerous benefits, this experience is completely customizable to you. 

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Drift & Journey

2 hours/$160

‘Drift’ into relaxation and tranquility with this 50 minute Drift Away massage and 60 minute Float in our salt water therapy pod. Our Drift Away massage is the perfect relaxation massage to help with circulation of blood flow and increase of positive energy. 

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Float & Facial

1.5 hours/$130

Our packaged Float & Facial is a 60 minute Float in our float therapy pod and a 25 minute Mineral Facial. Our Mineral Facial is incorporated with lavender and chamomile to reduce redness and irritation, while we add back moisture and hydration. Leaving you with radiant looking skin.

Float into Relaxation!

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If it is your first time at Drift Spa, please take a moment to read our Policies & F.A.Qs. to know what to expect and what is expected of you.

All Float Therapy guests will be asked to complete the Float Therapy Liability Waiver prior to services upon arrival.


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