Float Therapy offers an opportunity to reconnect your mind, body and spirit. A thousand pounds of Epsom salt forms an environment free from gravity and allows you to fully relax in skin temperature water. Keep the door open, turn off the lights and music or close the door to escape the outside world – whatever path you choose, the float tank experience is completely unique to you. 
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Float Therapy

60 min/$75 • 90 min/$95

Providing numerous benefits, this experience is completely customizable to you. 

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Drift & Journey

2 hours/$160

‘Drift’ into relaxation and tranquility with this 50 minute Drift Away massage and 60 minute Float in our salt water therapy pod. Our Drift Away massage is the perfect relaxation massage to help with circulation of blood flow and increase of positive energy. 

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Float & Facial

2 hours/$130

Our packaged Float & Facial is a 60 minute Float in our float therapy pod and a 50 minute Hydration Facial. Our Hydration Facial adds moisture and hydration while catered specifically to your skin. Leaving your skin looking radiant and renewed.

*Must be 18 or older for Float Therapy services.

Float into Relaxation!

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If it is your first time at Drift Spa, please take a moment to read our Policies & F.A.Qs. to know what to expect.

All Float Therapy guests will be asked to complete the Float Therapy Liability Waiver prior to services upon arrival.

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Experience the Healing Wonders of Float Therapy

Float therapy involves sensory deprivation in a zero-gravity environment so you can truly disconnect from the outside world and fully immerse yourself in relaxation. An enclosed tank is filled halfway with skin-temperature water and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt. 

Inside the tank you’ll experience complete weightlessness, allowing your body to let go and relax without the stress of gravity or outside stimuli.

Float therapy can be customized to your needs. You can leave the door of the tank open, keep the lights on or play music. You can also choose to wear earplugs and goggles during your time in the tank. Whatever path you choose, this effortless therapy will help you achieve inner and outer release and restoration. 

Discover the Many Benefits of Float Therapy 

Float therapy helps induce a deep state of relaxation because it turns down the body’s “fight or flight” stress response. When you’re floating and free of distractions, your parasympathetic nervous system activates. This slows the heart rate, normalizes blood pressure and lowers cortisol levels, the stress hormone. 

This brings the immune and hormonal systems back into balance. It restores a normal breathing rate and promotes normal digestive functions. You can treat multiple conditions and promote overall wellness with float therapy.

Relieve Anxiety, Stress & Depression

Float therapy has been scientifically proven to help with anxiety. You’ll experience a deep relaxation mode and possible relief from anxiety and stress due to the lowering of cortisol levels, normal breathing rate and slowed heart rate. 

This weightless therapy also helps with depression. Over the course of the float therapy session, your brain can begin producing higher levels of dopamine and endorphins, which increases feelings of serenity and happiness. 

Reduce Pain & Chronic Headaches

Being in a weightless environment allows your muscles to fully relax and eases muscle tension, which can help with reducing pain intensity and even eliminating pain. It can also reduce the intensity and frequency of chronic headaches.

Relax Muscles & Improve Athletic Performance

The weightless effect of float therapy frees your body from the stress of gravity, allowing your muscles to fully relax. This allows lactic acid to be transported out of the muscles faster, which reduces muscle contractions and strain. 

This can also assist with rapid muscle growth, which takes place during relaxation periods. In fact, using flotation therapy as a form of rest can improve athletic performance and decrease recovery time after exercise.

Treat Addictions & Insomnia

The induction of relaxation can help treat addictions by providing relief through non-chemical means. During float therapy, you can internally refocus and increase feelings of control over addictive behaviors.

Float therapy also helps treat insomnia due to its ability to ease anxiety, muscles and overall tension. The increased relaxation and interoceptive awareness can promote better sleep while reducing anxiety.