Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body & Soul With a Soothing Massage

Whether you need to soothe sore muscles or simply want to experience full-body relaxation, our experienced massage therapists can help. We’re here to revitalize your body and improve your sense of well-being with therapeutic techniques. Our healing approach focuses on helping you feel your best so you can live an energized and inspired life.

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Drift Away Massage

50 min/$100 • 80 min/$140

Our signature massage incorporates Swedish massage techniques, such as gliding to relax muscle tissues and circular movements to increase blood flow. We also use aromatic scents to encourage natural relaxation. If your goal is to relax and relieve your body of stress and muscle tension, this is the perfect massage for you.

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Therapeutic Massage

50 min/$115 • 80 min/$150

If you need deep relaxation and support with muscle injury recovery, try our Therapeutic massage. Slow strokes and deep pressure are applied to work on your tendons and deep muscle layers. These deep tissue techniques can be customized to your needs while providing whole-body relief.

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Yooper Man Massage

50 min/$125 • 80 min/$150

Treat muscle injury and nerve pain with this deep tissue massage. Hot towel compresses are infused with essential oils to put your muscles at ease. The combination of massage and aromas encourage deep relief from stress and anxiety.

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Himalayan Hot Stone Massage

75 min/$150

This massage helps you to restore balance and melt away stress. Smooth, heated Himalayan salt stones are used to massage your body and exfoliate your skin. Our trained therapists can use these warmed stones to target any specific pain areas while providing deep relaxation.

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Prenatal Massage

50 min/$95 • 80 min/$125

Future mamas will love this gentle and soothing massage. Mineral creams and oils are used to help your skin and body transition, and a pregnancy pillow is available for comfort. You must be past your first trimester and should call to request this special service.

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Express Target Massage

25 min/$65

Addressing your specific areas of concern to relieve stiffness, soreness and promote relaxation.

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Massage For Two

Per Massage Choice

What’s better than a relaxing massage? A relaxing massage with your BFF or partner! Create pleasant memories by sharing a relaxing massage experience at Drift Spa.

Ages 16 and 17, must have guardian present in room during services.

Book a Relaxing Massage

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If it is your first time at Drift Spa, please take a moment to read our Policies & F.A.Qs. to know what to expect.

All Float Therapy guests will be asked to complete the Float Therapy Liability Waiver prior to services upon arrival.

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Your Massage Therapy Experience at the Drift Spa

Ensure Your Satisfaction

First, you’ll fill out a confidential Client Profile form so we can customize your treatment. You’ll inform us of any medical conditions or sensitivities to certain treatments. We’ll adjust our approach to ensure you get the most rejuvenating massage possible.

Arrive & Relax

We suggest arriving 15 minutes prior to your appointment to check in and be greeted by our staff. You can choose to relax in our saltwater pool, spa jacuzzi, steam room, sauna or tranquility room before your appointment. You can also enjoy these services after your Drift Spa treatment (for services of $55 or more, excluding Salon services). 

Prepare for Your Massage

You’ll be provided a complimentary robe, slippers, lockers, disposable underwear and more. Remove any jewelry and makeup before your massage, and you may want to remove hearing aids and eyeglasses as well. Our therapists will ensure your privacy with expert draping techniques. 

Relax & Enjoy

It’s time to lay down, breathe and let the healing begin. During your massage, you can inform your therapist if you would like them to change the pressure, temperature, lighting or other factors to maximize your comfort and satisfaction. 

Improve Your Wellness With Our Massage Therapy Spa Services

Helping you feel your best is what we do. With a massage, you can reap multiple benefits, including:

  • Reducing stress and relieving anxiety
  • Relieving muscle soreness and tension
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Lowering blood pressure and heart rate
  • Increasing energy
  • Relieving bodily pain