Are Massages Good for You?

There’s no question that getting a massage feels wonderful. But is a massage good for you, and are there any benefits to getting one?

Massage therapy has been around for ages, and many studies have explored its benefits. From reducing stress to relieving body pain, there are all sorts of potential advantages to getting a massage.

What Are the Benefits of Massage?

Deep Relaxation & Stress Relief

One of the most popular reasons to get a massage is to simply feel good. The relaxing atmosphere and soothing pressure help melt stress away from your body and relax your nervous system.

If you suffer from anxiety and depression, massage therapy can help decrease symptoms and promote feelings of peace. It may also reduce cortisol and increase serotonin and dopamine, helping you experience a deep calm throughout your body and mind.

Benefits of Massage

Pain Relief & Injury Recovery

Whether you have an athletic injury or chronic muscle soreness, massages can help. Therapeutic deep tissue and Swedish massage techniques are well-known for offering relief from muscle and joint pain, general tension and troublesome knots. 

By targeting the deeper layers of your muscle tissue and the tissue surrounding your joints, blood and lymphatic circulation increase. Your flexibility and range of motion can also improve with a massage.

Better Sleep & Energy

Since massage is so relaxing mentally and physically, many people experience an improvement in their sleeping habits. The relief from muscle stiffness and increase in flexibility can help you sleep more comfortably. Getting proper rest and experiencing stress relief can also contribute to an increase in energy.

What Kind of Massage Should You Get?

The type of massage you get all depends on your personal needs. Here are some different kinds of massages to consider:

  • Therapeutic (deep tissue) massage: If you have muscle soreness, an athletic injury or want to increase your flexibility, this therapy can help. Deep kneading techniques and slow strokes are applied to help lymphatic circulation and break down knots or scar tissue.
  • Hot stone massage: Smooth, heated stones are gently massaged on your body to relax your muscles and exfoliate your skin. This massage promotes deep relaxation and comfort.
  • Prenatal massage: This gentle massage is great for relieving pregnancy back pain. It’s deeply soothing and can be booked after your first trimester.
  • Targeted massage: Is there a particular area of your body giving you pain? A targeted massage focuses on specific areas of the body at your request to help relieve any tension or soreness.
  • Swedish massage: This full-body massage uses gentle touch and circular movements with just the right amount of pressure to relax your muscles.

Experience the Blissful Benefits of Massage

It’s important to feel your best so you can live life to the fullest. At the Drift Spa, we offer a variety of massages and therapies to support your wellness journey. To learn about our individual services and group packages, call us at 844-475-3743 or book your appointment today.