What Are the Benefits of Float Therapy?

Weightlessness can be a healing experience. When a person enters a float tank, gravity is almost completely removed from the equation. This enables people to feel a new level of relaxation they’ve never experienced before, which can help them find inner and outer peace and healing.

5 Positive Effects of Using Float Tanks

Those who have used float therapy know about the positive advantages. Here are a few perks you could experience from using a float tank:

Feel Physically Healthier

Wonderful things can happen when your muscles can relax. When muscle tension is alleviated, it can reduce pain in the body, sometimes getting rid of it completely while the session is happening.

Enjoy Happier Days

A number of things can happen when the body is relaxed in a float therapy session:

  • Cortisol levels are lowered
  • Regular breathing rate is lowered
  • Heart rate slows down
  • Dopamine is increased
  • Endorphins are boosted

What does all of this mean? Your anxiety, depression and stress could potentially be reduced and replaced with peace and contentment throughout the session.

Elevate Athletic Performance

Athletes are always looking for a way to get better. Whether it’s team sports like football and volleyball or individual sports like wrestling or running, everyone wants an edge.

Relaxation can help move lactic acid out of the muscles faster to lower muscle strain and improve recovery time. It can also help support muscle growth, which could help athletes improve their performance.

Sleep Better

This one might be obvious, but that doesn’t make it less important to discuss. Float therapy could help you find some relief from insomnia.

The more relaxed your muscles are and the less stress and anxiety you feel, the more likely you’ll be to get much-needed sleep.

Fight Addiction

Chemical treatments aren’t for everyone. Pharmaceuticals have been known to give people negative side effects and at times become addictive substances themselves.

There are holistic alternatives worth trying to battle addiction and one of them is float therapy. While it won’t be able to cure your addiction, it will give you the solitude to focus internally on yourself as you work to gain control over your addictions.

Try Float Tank Therapy and Discover the Mental and Physical Benefits

We all have our own struggles we need to overcome in our lives. Many people face the mental hurdles of dealing with stress, anxiety and depression. For others, it’s physical pain from muscle tension and other sources of strain that make life difficult.

Whatever challenges you’re facing, a session in a float tank could provide a healing experience. Discover your own benefits of float therapy by calling us today at 844-475-3743 or by booking your appointment online.