There are many ways people treat themselves to realign their bodies and minds. Plenty of great choices are available from massages to body treatments to facials to a variety of other therapies.

One popular treatment people choose is float therapy. This form of therapy allows you to completely close out the world and relax. You enter the float tank, which is like a giant egg filled with water and Epsom salt.

Some people leave the tank open, but you can also close the lid and remove the distraction from outside sights and sounds. You then float effortlessly in the water as your body and mind drift into total relaxation.

Does Float Therapy Work?

Yes, float therapy can work and has worked for many. People who have used it have experienced a significant decrease in stress, depression, anxiety and pain while also gaining an increase in optimism and sleep quality.

What Does Float Therapy Do?

You have a general idea of how float tanks work and their effectiveness, but what are the advantages of using this treatment? Float therapy could help with:

Depression and Anxiety

The process can help you reach a level of relaxation that lowers your cortisol levels and normal breathing rate and slows your heart rate, which can bring relief from anxiety. Since your brain could create higher levels of dopamine and endorphins, which make people feel tranquil, float therapy can help alleviate depression.

Back Pain

By removing gravity as a factor from your body, the weightless therapy of float tanks can help loosen muscle tension to reduce the intensity of back pain and ease chronic headaches.

Benefiting Athletes

Muscles need periods of relaxation in order to grow. If you’re an athlete and want a shorter recovery time and potentially boost your performance, float therapy could help you.

How Often Should I Do Float Therapy?

Unlike prescription medications and other methods of restorative treatment, float therapy doesn’t require steady usage to gain positive effects. People go into a float tank once per week, month, every three months and even once a year!

It all depends on your own personal preferences. If you need float therapy frequently to unwind, then feel empowered to do so as often as you like. If it’s only something you need once in a blue moon, then that’s just fine also!

Unlock Your Own Benefits of Float Therapy

Everyone needs a break from the world. Whether you experience stress and anxiety, suffer from chronic pain or you’re an athlete looking for an edge, float therapy could be your answer! Find out for yourself by calling us today at 844-475-3743 or by booking your appointment online.